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WCRA Novice TSD #1
Chilliwack, BC (WCRA)
Apr 12, 2003

Canada flag

6th of 15 starters
(412 pts)
Skye and Angelika's first TSD event went very well thanks to the excellent work by the WCRA organizers. After Skye's early morning recap of the Tuesday workshop (he couldn't make it up from Seattle on a weeknight) with John and Peter over White Spot breakfast, we headed to the parking lot and after going through registration and tech inspection, we got the route book and quickly got to work trying to sort out what to do first.

It was a bit nervy at first but we were soon lined up at the Esso in Chilliwack ready to start the first transit and odo check. We never did quite get the hang of the odo check and not knowing what was going to be important in the "heat of the moment" managed to get a bit lost on the first regularity, scoring a dismal 213 penalty points. From that we learned that knowing the distance between notes was important (or having the odo corretion factor done so you can read off the total distance) - there may be multiple "50 kph" signs followed by turnoffs and you need to know WHICH one! Having a car with mph gauges made life a little trickier as well.

After finally making it to the start of Stage 2, we regrouped and finished the calculations much quicker. Stage 2 was the first gravel stage in the hills behind Chilliwack and the rain had started. The stage was largely uphill which put the borrowed automatic transmission, low powered car at a bit of a disadvantage, but we actually scored our best times of the day, with only 59 penalty points for the stage. Our times stayed around that score for the remaining stages, scoring 73 and 67 on stages 3 and 4 respectively. On the last two stages, we were a bit concerned because both times we caught up to the back of car #8 (and we forgot the speed change midway on the last stage!!) but the results show that our calculations were the (more) correct ones; they scored over double our penalties on those stages. It's strange not really knowing how you are doing until the end of the event though!

The event finished up in the early evening, and we were both pumped on adrenaline and very happy with the progress we had made. Even though we finished just above the middle of the pack (6th out of 15 starters), our improvement along the way makes us very hopeful that our lessons learned during and after the event will result in some single-digit stage results on the next TSD!