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Want to get involved with rally racing but don't think you can afford it? Well you don't have to win the lottery or drop $50,000+ on a Mitsubarishu to go play in the woods in a competitive car. Watch this space, soon I'll be posting an itemized list of all the costs involved in building my Grp5 rally car (which can be converted to Open with some $$ and about a week's work).

In the mean time, here's a guide to what to expect when building your own car, as written by Comrade Rich Smith. Every car is different, but it's still a good general estimate:
40 hrs = Strip and clean shell
80 hrs = Build cage & seam weld
24 hrs = Prep & paint interior, bays, & underside
24 hrs = Reinstall glass & reassemble body parts
40 hrs = Clean, refurbish & paint stripped mechanicals
60 hrs = Assemble & install, rear end, suspension & brakes
90 hrs = Build/rebuild engine, clutch & transmission
24 hrs = Install cooling and fuel systems
48 hrs = Wiring, controls, computer and other voodoo stuff
42 hrs = Install seats, belts, odo, radio, lighting etc.
32 hrs = Exterior paint & finish & final graphics
12 hrs = Refurbish & mount wheels & tires (8 ea.)
16 hrs = Tuning, testing, and sorting
532 hrs = Today's ClubRally Preparation
Compare that to, say, the Focus WRC03. Not that much less eh?
"It takes 1,464 man hours to construct a Focus WRC, from parts made by 203 individual suppliers. Of around 2,200 components, 128 are derived from the Focus road car."