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F4 Rallysport is a grassroots rally racing effort based in Seattle, WA.
The 2004 season will be F4 Rallysport's first, competing in a limited schedule
of the WSRC Championship as well as a selection of WCRA Stage and TSD Rallies
with our Ford Sierra RS23 (2.3L Turbo 2wd Merkur XR4Ti conversion) and lots of sisu.

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Driver Raised by wolves in the frozen Arctic tundra of Northern Canada, Skye was discovered by a recce crew and brought back to civilization in the early 90s. Unable to fit in with society, he used his newfound knowlege to return to the only life he knew; back to the life and death struggle of survival in the untamed wilderness!

OK, maybe not.
West Coast Represent, yo!
Skye: West coast reprazent!
Skye Poier
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Stage Co-Driver "Haulin" Colin has been training his iron stomach in the depths of various ships around the Pacific for several years now, and promises not to yak in the car.

He has been seen driving a 2002 so obviously he is a bit loony, and should fit into the team quite nicely. If you see a tired guy on a bike near Alaska, wave "hi".
Colin: Behind the wheel
Colin Street
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TSD Navigator Angelika provides the F4 team's brains, beauty and brawn. As soon as she learns to distinguish between left and right, she'll be an indispensable navigator. As the daughter of a German Mechanical Engineer, the love of driving is in her blood.

When not working to develop her navigational skills, Angelika can be found at her day job at a Vancouver-area biotech company, holding the place together. In her personal time, she likes to persue the finer things in life, such as art, music and gourmet food. She is also an avid classic movie fan and makes a mean vegetarian chili.
Angelika: Victory is mine!
Angelika Brunner
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Technical Support In addition to keeping us entertained with stories of a misspent(?) youth and educating us on the effects of European ethno-migration on linguistics, John shares his wealth of rally preparation he has gleaned during his years in pro motocross and doing the proletariat thing in Northern Yurp. He knows a ton of people across the pond, and brings all sorts of cool rally goodies over for us to drool over (and copy).

He runs a rally car prep business "JVAB Imports" in Seattle, give him a call at (206)431-9696 if you need parts for nearly anything, at much lower prices than the usual suspects. Also group buys, engine and transmission and differential rebuilding, etc etc. John is a wealth of technical information and is usually more than happy to share the information with anyone.

Plus he has a really cool rally prepared Saab 96 and a Cosworth Sierra and lots of cute boo-boo kittens.
John Vanlandingham
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Service Crew What's a service crew??

Seriously, we could always use some volunteers handy with a wrench, or even just a truck to carry spares and fuel to service areas (and tow the car home if it gets smashed). If you'd like to join our band of merry pranksters drop Skye an email.
Maybe you?
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